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Freakshow Font

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Come one! Come all! Enter at your own risk! Freakshow is a whimsical kaleidoscope of lettering whose likeness is sure to SHOCK the entire family.

This unique display font will have you think old newspapers were shredded by a lawnmower and used for a ransom note. Inspiration was years in the making with some individuals letters and graphics emulated from ads and publications long ago.

Different styles such as script, eroded, medieval, and vintage collide with modern-looking characters in a haphazard fashion that will spill your popcorn onto the ground in awe.

Try a combination of uppercase/lowercase to avoid letter repetition and do explore the bonus alternates if your program supports OTF features. Only basic Latin and punctuation are included. Make sure your next project or poster is center stage with a ticket to the Freakshow!


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